2016-02-29  DE-CIX Newsletter
Get free quotes for connectivity, colocation or IP transit with BuyCarrierServices
... is the title of the short article in the Feburary 2016 DE-CIX newsletter.
"DE·CIX has been offering customers and prospects the opportunity to use BuyCarrierServices to get free quotes for connectivity, colocation or IP transit to DE·CIX enabled sites for half a year now. If you are interested, you can ask to get a quote for 160 carriers from around the world.
Your benefit: With just one request you can get several quotes, easily comparable, very fast. You decide how long you give the market to answer your request. Most suppliers reply within the last 24 hours before the deadline.
So no matter whether you are interested in a pricing request for 1 GB connectivity from Karachi to UAE·IX or want a quote for colocation at a DE·CIX enabled site in Frankfurt, BuyCarrierServices is your means of choice. Try it now."
2016-01-28  Germany Connect 2016
In Frankfurt on 26 & 27 January
We attended the Germany Connect event in Frankfurt. A great event to do a deep dive into the current market situation and get reconnected with old contacts.
2015-12-31  2015 Review
Another great year at BuyCarrierServices
Lambda Forum in Frankfurt, Germany
We attended the Lambda Forum in January and had some excellent talks and feedback from a number of representatives including Deutsche Telekom, regional carriers as well as from the CEO of NL-ix who was one of the sponsors of the event.
ITW – The greatest telecoms event in the world
Attended the Chicago International Telecoms Week (ITW) and our MD, Armin Hall, had the honor of moderating the panel "SPOTLIGHT ON BRAZIL: EVALUATING THE COUNTRY’S TELECOMMUNICATIONS IN LIGHT OF THE 2014 FIFA WORLD CUP AND 2016 OLYMPICS". Even though the event was not sponsored the room was filled to the last seat. Armin did a great job of moderating, filling the questions will hard facts and figures as well as asking the questions that the audience wanted to have answered. An attentive and inquisitive audience and a great team of panelists who really knew what they were talking about made this a great panel.
Distinguished panelists were:
- Erick Contag, President and COO, Globenet (
- Jack Waters, CTO, Level3 (
- Rafael Arranz, EVP Sales Americas & Pacific, Marketing Capacity IP/IPX, Wholesale Business Unit, Global Solutions, TELEFONICA BUSINESS SOLUTIONS (
At the ITW we announced that a signature with DE-CIX was just around the corner.
DE-CIX recommends using
We proudly announced our newest customer DE-CIX. "DE-CIX has bought into our solution and will use to enabled its over 700 customers as well as any prospects to get free pricing quotes for connectivity, colocation and IPT to and at any DE-CIX enabled sites. We have over 120 wholesale data suppliers from all over the world ready to provide pricing for requested services."
Users who want to take advantage of this offer should register on our DE-CIX branded join page. When registering here we will automatically load all DE-CIX enabled locations into the users preferred locations list. That way users can simply select the location they wish to have pricing to instead of finding and entering all the location details.
For more details contact us or you can get more details directly from this DE-CIX page.
Capacity Europe 2015 -->> 1 - 3 November in Paris
BuyCarrierServices attended the event in beautiful Paris. Great talks and feedback from a number of representatives including regional carrier as well as all the IX's attending.
Customer meetings were held as well AND they are very happy.
BuyCarrierServices is becoming a brand name
We are meeting with people and companies from the other side of the world and they have already heard of us. Not only that, they have heard good things. That is great feedback.
December 2015
We now have over 160 companies from all over the world registered ready to offer those wholesale data services that buyers need.
2014-12-31  2014 Review
What a great year 2014 was
It's time to take a look at a great year for BuyCarrierServices. went live
01Apr2014 we went live! After years of development the service is ready for use and we're doing everything to get the word out.
Exclusive reseller of AlphaNET
Entered into an exclusive global resellers agreement with the developers of AlphaNET at ORCA Systems in Zürich Switzerland. AlphaNET, the wholesale data purchase process solution has been implemented in the past 10 years at: COLT, GTT, Hibernia, the Swiss Stock Exchange, Sunrise, UPC Cablecom / Liberty Global, Hibernia.
Attended trade shows around the world
We attended a number of key events including: Capacity Balkans in Bucharest, Capacity Central East Europe in Prague, Capacity Europe in Amsterdam, Capacity Asia in Bangkok as well as the ITW in Chicago. The market loves our solutions.
Over 100 registered companies
We now have over 100 carriers and resellers of wholesale data services from around the world registered on We processed pricing requests for every continent from every continent and for every data service available. We have great feedback on how BuyCarrierServices works and how easy it is to use.
These are just a few of the companies that are using our service: BT, China Telecom, China Unicom, Cogent, DialTelecom, Enter, Epsilon, Exatel, Expereo, gtt, Kazakhtelecom, KPN International, MENA SCS, Neotel, Nour Global, NTT, O2, Omantel, PCCW, RETN, Telecom Italia, Telefonica, TeliaSonera, T-Systems, TTK, UPC/Liberty Global, Viatel, Zayo.
Runner up Innovation Station at Capacity Balkans
At the Capacity Balkans Conference 2014, BuyCarrierServices placed runner-up amongst a group of truly distinguished carriers. The Innovation Station competition determined innovative products, strategies or ideas. Judges considered BuyCarrierServices as a company showing true innovation in a market where business models and business processes are evolving.
What does the market think?
Paul Collinson, Publisher at 'Capacity' says that "BuyCarrierServices is offering a unique proposition and is a company to watch!"
Moderated roundtable at Capacity Asia in Bangkok
Armin Hall, MD of BuyCarrierServices, moderated the Roundtable "Embracing Disruptive Technology". The esteemed panel included: Joe Zhu (SVP) from ChinaCache, Sid Kohli (SVP Middle East & Asia Pacific) from Vodafone Carrier Services, Joby Babu (COO) from Nimbuzz, and Ricky Chau (VP - Asia Pacific) from Level 3 Communications.
2012-09-27  Capacity Media London
BuyCarrierServices presented its solution to Capacity Media in London under an NDA agreement. They loved what they saw.
This is something really new and innovative!
It is good to see that a company is taking an active interest in the wholesale data communications market and optimizing many features of the purchasing process.
2012-01-01  An Idea is born
"It can't go on like this" thought Armin Hall, BuyCarrierServices MD. The continuing price erosion and customer requirements for higher quality, faster delivery times and faster pricing for services are just too much to handle. The process of buying and selling wholesale data solutions MUST be optimized and the a solution for buying data communications services is not really available on the market.
There have been efforts to sell carrier services via the web but they have failed. They all followed the same format: Look how great I am I have this product or all of these types of products for sale. The problem with these type of solutions has been that purchase professionals, who have the money to spend, did not have the time to surf the web looking for the best solution and pricing.
The new paradigm would be that purchasing, those that have money, would define their requirements and have vendors, those that have solutions, bid to provide the service. A very simple idea but no one been successful at it yet. The time is right, the technology mature, the purchasing departments and their senior management are ready to make changes to allow everyone to do more with less.
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