Access is limited to sales and purchase professionals in the carrier industry. Your access has to be authorized by us. Individuals will get immediate access if their company is already a customer.
Free for sales! Bid on all the tenders you wish
We will have value added features that you may wish to subscribe to to make your job even easier. As soon as these become available we will offer these to you. You can then decide if you wish to make use of these or continue to just use the free service.
Free for for purchase -- for 30-days. Publish all the tenders you want
Unlimited usage for 30 days. We hope this is enough time to test all the ins and outs of our service and enjoy the value add of our solution and see how really easy it is to publish pricing requests.
If you wish to continue to have suppliers bid on your requests after your 30 days of free access we offer a number of pricing models to meet your business needs.
Register now
If you have not registered yet you can do so now on our join page. Please note that we only allow authorized buyers and sellers of data services access.
If you have any questions about accessing the service please feel free to contact us now.
Value add for purchase
Our single platform allows you to reach all of the suppliers that you need for the services that you require. No software is needed, just a browser that can be used from anywhere in the world. You are able to process a lot more requests in less time while getting the best prices on the market.
Value add for sales
Find more opportunities that ever before. Quickly qualify tenders as you find those tenders that match your personal portfolio as well as your target market. You can also receive email notifications on bids lost and won.
Value add for CxO's
We help your teams increase productivity and at the same time increase savings on the purchase side as well as increase revenue on the sales side. Purchase teams do this by processing more quotes than ever before while buying at better prices. Sales teams find and quickly qualify more opportunities than ever before. Every CxO has to do a lot more with a lot less-we are here to help you do just that.
It is very easy to use
All you need is a browser and a screen that will support is at least 1250 pixels wide. If you need to know how wide your screen is you can go to this third party page which will quickly show you your screen size:
We help you every day by helping you manage your purchasing activities:
- You can store primary locations that you use over and over again. Save your POP locations on the fly and reuse them from drop-downs in the future.
- Give feedback to suppliers with the click of a button.
- And so many more!
Feedback from user of
- "It is very easy and logical to use. It saves a lot of time."
- "You can tell by how the system is set up that you really understand the challenges of the business and how to deal with them."
Entering a new tender
Select the NEW TENDER button on the middle navigation button to enter a new tender. A tender includes anywhere from one to hundreds of services. Our standard supported services include Point-to-Point connectivity, Point-to-Multipoint connectivity, Internet Access, Colocation, and IP-Transit. Once you have entered a service you will be directed to the MODIFY TENDER page where you can enter more services or publish the tender with all the services you have entered.
Publishing a tender
You can notify suppliers that you have just published a tender. This is either to email addresses or your predefined contacts which you can select from dropdown lists. Tenders are either public or private. Public tenders are available to be viewed by every user. Private tenders can only be viewed and bid on by those users that you have invited to bid on your tender. Private tenders can be changed to be public but public tenders cannot be changed to be private.
Checking on the status of your tenders
Select the TENDER button on the middle navigation button to check on your published tenders. On the page select the checkbox SHOW MY TENDERS ONLY to see your own tenders.
Selecting a supplier and giving feedback
When looking at your tenders on the TENDER page you can select the service that suppliers have bid on. The Pricing Overview page will give you the pricing of the different bidders. Here you can give direct feedback via dropdowns to the suppliers. Note that when you select a supplier by choosing SELECT THIS SUPPLIER the other suppliers that you have not given feedback will have their status changed to A SUPPLIER HAS BEEN SELECTED. Please take the time to give more detailed feedback to the suppliers that have not been selected.
Why join? I have my contacts already
This is the most frequent question we have from sales. The answer is, yes you have contacts--and we're sure they are solid. However the pressure on the purchase side to be successful is just as great as on the sales side to achieve sales targets. The purchasers have to process more tenders / RFP's / pricing requests, achieve bigger year of year savings, make sure the best price / solution is bought. That is where we help. With a single solution to price all data services we make the job of the purchasing professional easier. We augment and enhance their ability, functionality and speed. Our tag line is Get Better Prices Faster (TM) so purchasing will use our tool simply because we are there to help and you have to decide if you wish to provide bids to outstanding requests as well.
Finding a tender
Select the TENDER button on the middle navigation button to check on tenders. You can then search the database for tenders and requested services that meet your qualification criteria (service, geography, customer name).
Bidding on a tender
Once you have found the tender and service you wish to bid on you can review the details and bid at the bottom of the page. On this page you can have all of your pricing details in one place as well as make notes to yourself and price the service.
I want "standard requests" to be bid automatically
We can do this. Talk with us about integrating our on-net list and/or price books so the system will automatically bid for you/your company. The result will be that you will be with standard pricing (special for key accounts) and be notified when the system made a bid for you. With this solution in place you'll be able to work on projects higher up in the value chain.
Personal Preferences
Contact details include your e-mail address, password, postal address. Personal Settings including your preferred language, calendar week, date format, and number format. E-mail alerts can be set up for when purchasing receives a bid as well as when sales win or loses a bid. Files that you use repeatedly are uploaded here. These are files that you use repeatedly such as service descriptions, T&C, network maps, etc. Default settings for delivery/SLA and quote details. This includes details such as delivery times, SLA, currency, payment terms, quote type, contract terms.
Save the locations you frequently use in your preferred locations list. You can then easily load this location when you are publishing tenders. Locations you should save are POPs and customer locations you repeatedly need connectivity to. Look for POP lists from popular carriers to add to your personal list.
Note that deleted personal lists cannot be recovered.
From your personal list you can define a default location that will always be loaded as a default A-END location. Of course you can change this.
Contact lists either have a single e-mail address associated with their name or a list of contacts. You should have lists like SUPPLIERS FOR (SERVICE) IN (LOCATION). These contact lists will be shown as dropdowns when you publish a tender. That way you can easily notify all your suppliers that you have published a tender.
If you work in a team you may wish to define delegates to take care of your requests while you are out or you may need to take care of someone else’s requests when they are out. You can easily give and request READ or READ AND WRITE access from colleagues.
Search Filter
Search filters are for use on the TENDERS page to easily find the tenders that you need to do your job every day.
Generate your personalized reports
For buyers generate reports providing information about the tenders that you have entered.
For sellers generate reports providing information about the bids you are working or those you have submitted.
Reports can be viewed directly or sent to your e-mail address (your username).
Any other questions?
The FAQ is still growing. Please send us all your questions and feedback. We want to make sure that we do everything to make you be successful at your job in buying data communications services. This includes the ease of use of our service.
For questions and feedback feel free to also use the contact page.
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By phone or fax
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